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Pomegranate is:

Gavin Canaan (guitar, vocals)
Adam Twain (bass, vocals)
Michael Creason (drums, vocals)

Based in Oakland, CA, Pomegranate’s music may best be described as alluring shades of darkness broken up by slivers of bright sunny pop. Renowned for their intense live performances, Pomegranate moves easily between heavy-hitting rock and intimate pop.

Pomegranate formed in the mid-1990s, releasing their first full-length album, Don Ron, in 1996 on Treat & Release Records, a subsidiary of A&M Records. Pomegranate released their subsequent second and third full-length albums as well as the 2011 six-song EP, Ahead and Behind, on their own Drainpipe Records label. Pomegranate’s latest release is the four-song EP, The Night is Never Dark Enough, which is also on Drainpipe Records.

Pomegranate performs regularly throughout California and has toured both regionally and nationally.

CONTACT: pomegranate@pomegranateband.com
TWITTER: @Pomegranateband
FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/Pomegranateband